Our solution to effectively manage change

Delivered through a unique set of proven methodologies built on evidence-based governance frameworks and SaaS management tools.

CloudCube offers a unique combination of proven methodologies built on evidence-based governance frameworks and CloudCube SaaS Management tools (Software as a Service). Whether you wish to benefit from independent Programme Governance & Control services and/or centralised PMO services to foster standardisation and to increase efficiency, CloudCube provides the methodologies and tools to effectively manage change in an industrialised fashion. By providing rigid controls and automating generic tasks around actions, issues, risks, milestones and benefits tracking, vast savings on headcount and execution costs are made. Subsequently, this highly standardised approach requires smaller teams to achieve superior outcomes to those usually realised by a larger workforce

Work Breakdown Structure

We start by defining a work breakdown structure at granular level and creating ‘laundry lists’ of ‘small bite sized’ tasks that can be completed in a day


Focus on what needs to be done

We don’t allow people to waste time contemplating what needs to be done, but rather focus people on what needs to be done. This removes procrastination and prevarication


Relentlessly track completion

Relentlessly track completion to obtain a 
daily empirical picture of progress using CloudCube, our SaaS Management tool. We have created this cloud based applications to deliver a fully automated, 
unemotional and binary approach to rigorously chasing overdue actions/milestones 


Automatic or on-demand Reporting

CloudCube provides automated daily, weekly or on-demand 
reporting on delinquency to drive 
the interaction and resolution
ensuring focus is maintained


Governance and Control Management

Automated generation of governance slide decks which are fact-based and provide empirical data on progress, risks, and financials


Efficiency through Automation

CloudCube automation delivers 
optimisation of the work breakdown 
structure and governance that would require an army of people to achieve